I live in Seattle and have been married to Gretchen Taylor for 35 years. The thrill of photographing for me is walking out the door not knowing exactly what we are going to photograph.

I enjoy taking pictures of the fast-paced and unpredictable everyday activities that occur on any street, in any city, and in any country that I visit. And timing is everything.  I have developed not only a keen eye for meaningful moments but quick reflexes to capture that split-second opportunity.   

Creative Process:  Capturing the moment by converting a three-dimensional scene into an outstanding two-dimensional photo. The first challenge is to make the perfect exposure and frame the subject within the camera- I implement only minimal editing in the post-processing phase. I strive to capture memorable moments utilizing only natural light, color, and gesture.  

But most importantly, I ask myself what made me press the shutter at that moment. What is the WOW factor.

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